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Flag of Colorado



Flag of Colorado - 50states.com


Classification: State

Area (sq km): 269,618

Capital City: Denver

Country: United States

Colorado is a state located in the West-central United States of America. It is bordered by Wyoming and Nebraska to the North, Nebraska and Kansas to the East, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the South, and Utah to the West.

The capital of Colorado is Denver, with the majority of Coloradans living in and around the capital. The rest of the population lives in pockets extending Southwards from Denver, with smaller rural areas around the state.

Evidence has been found of people living in Colorado for the past 13,000 years. European settlers began living in the area in the 18th century, and the area to be Colorado was at one point claimed by France. The United States gained control of the land in 1803 when it was purchased from France in the Louisiana Purchase. In 1864, the native Cheyenne and Arapaho were accused of stealing cattle from settlers, and the local army colonel ordered his men to retaliate, killing approximately 500 natives, many being women and children in the Sand Creek Massacre.

Colorado joined the United States as its 38th state on August 1st, 1876.

Colorado's flag was adopted in 1904, but the final version wasn't officially specified by the state until 1964. The red, white, and blue are taken from the United States' flag, with red representing the reddish earth of the state, white for the snow-capped mountains, and blue for the skies. The yellow circle comes from the Spanish flag, and represents the sun. The red 'C' is for Colorado.

Colorado's name comes from the Colorado River, which was originally called "Rio Colorado", meaning "red-coloured river" because of the reddish sandstone of the river's banks.

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