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Flag of Prešovský



Flag of Prešovský - Wikipedia


Prešovský Kraj

Classification: Region

Area (sq km): 8,974

Capital City: Prešov

Country: Slovakia

Prešovský is the most populous of Slovakia's eight regions, located in the Northeast of the country. It is bordered by Poland to the North, Ukraine to the East, Košický to the South, and Žilinský to the West.

The capital of Prešovský is the city of Prešov, which is also its most populous city. The rest of the population is spread out around the region, with slightly more living in the Eastern half.

The economy of the province used to only consist of farming and forestry, but by the 1950s, new industries began to grow due to new roadways that were built through the region, such as woodworking and manufacturing (chemicals, metals, and textiles), and construction.

The region of Prešovský was established in 1996, which is presumably when the flag was adopted.

Not much information can be found on the meaning of the Prešovský's flag, nor the meaning of its name.

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