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Flag of Ömnögovi



Flag of Ömnögovi - Wikipedia


Өмнөговь аймаг

Classification: Province

Area (sq km): 165,380

Capital City: Dalanzadgad

Country: Mongolia

Ömnögovi is the largest Mongolian province, located in the South of the country. It is bordered by Övörkhangai and Dundgovi to the North, Dornogovi to the East, China to the South, and Bayankhongor to the West and North.

As it is covered by the Gobi Desert, Ömnögovi is a great source of fossils, with at least a thousand specimens recovered from multiple fossil localities around the province.

The Ömnögovi coat of arms is on the left of the flag: the border is called a tumen nasan, representing eternity; the three drops at the top is a representation of a chandmani, a Buddhist wish fulfilling jewel; the blue at the top represents the eternal sky; the three mountains represent the Gurvan Saikhan mountain range of the province; the Gobi desert is represented by the sand dunes and the camel; the name Ömnögovi in Cyrillic is written on a Khadag (Tibetan Buddhist ceremonial scarf), which is blue to represent the sky'; the green at the bottom is a green field.

Ömnögovi translates into "South Gobi", as that is where the province is located.

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