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Flag of Qacha's Nek


Flag of Qacha's Nek -

Qacha's Nek

Classification: District

Area (sq km): 2,349

Capital City: Qacha's Nek

Country: Lesotho

Qacha's Nek is a district of Lesotho, located in the South East of the country. It is bordered by Thaba-Tseka District on the North, South Africa on the East and South, Quthing District on the Southwest, and Mohale's Hoek District on the West.

The camptown (what the capital of a district in Lesotho is called) is the town of Qacha's Nek, which is also its largest town. Qacha's Nek is one of the most sparsely populated districts in the country.

The area of Qacha's Nek was inhabited by the San people until the mid-1800s, when Basotho and Phuthi groups moved into the region. The British saw the region as overrun by bandits when they took control of Lesotho in 1868, but they were actually the native San people, who were then wiped out of the region. The camptown, and district, were incorporated in 1888.

It looks like the districts of Lesotho do not have flags, though any information on why is hard to find.

Qacha's Nek was named after Ncatya, Chief Moorosi's son. Chief Moorosi was a Phuthi chief who was an influential figure in helping determine Lesotho's independence from Britain. 'Nek' comes from Afrikaans, and means 'mountain pass', as the district is very mountainous.

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