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Flag of Tokyo Metropolis



Flag of Tokyo Metropolis - Wikipedia

Tokyo Metropolis


Classification: Prefecture

Area (sq km): 2,188

Capital City: Tokyo

Country: Japan

Tokyo Metropolis is one of the forty-seven prefectures in Japan, located on the central Southern coast. It is bordered by Saitama to the North, Chiba and the Pacific Ocean (Tokyo Bay) to the East, Kanagawa to the South, and Yamanashi to the Southwest.

Tokyo Metropolis consists solely of the city of Tokyo, which is treated as a prefecture and broken up into towns, cities, and special wards. For the purposes of DinoData, Tokyo Metropolis is going to be considered the "Region", and Tokyo will be considered the "City". Further information on Tokyo can be found on the city page for Tokyo.

The flag of Tokyo was officially adopted in 1964. The symbol in the middle is a sun, showing Tokyo as the centre of Japan. The purple is called "Edo Purple", which was a traditional colour used in Edo.

Tokyo was originally called Edo, which translates to "estuary". When Edo became the capital of Japan, it was renamed to Tokyo, meaning "Eastern Capital".

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