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Flag of Zhejiang


Flag of Zhejiang -



Classification: Province

Area (sq km): 101,800

Capital City: Hangzhou

Country: China

Zhejiang is located along the central Eastern coast of China. It is bordered by Jiangshu and Shanghai to the North, the Pacific Ocean (the East China Sea) to the East, Fujian to the South, and Jiangxi and Anhui to the West.

The capital of Zhejiang is the city of Hangzhou, with nearly half of the province's population living within its metropolitan area. The rest of the people are fairly spread out around the province.

Zhejiang has a long history dating back as far as 6,000BC. After around 771BC, the Yue Kingdom grew in Northern Zhejiang, being linguistically separate from the rest of Chinese cultures. With the rise and fall of the dynasties to follow, Zhejiang, or parts of it, was an important land to each conquering ruler, due to the important Zhe (now Qiantang) River's path from the sea far into mainland China. Zhejiang was conquered by Mongolia in the 12th century, and when it was re-taken by the Ming dynasty in 1368, its existing borders were established.

In the interest of national unity, China's provinces do not have flags.

Zhejiang gets its name from the old name of the Qiantang River, Zhe River, an important river for commerce that runs through the province and its capital. It likely translates to "bent river".

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