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Flag of Aysén



Flag of Aysén - Wikipedia


Aisén del General Carlos Ibañez del Campo

Classification: Region

Area (sq km): 108,494

Capital City: Coyhaique

Country: Chile

Aysén is a Southern Chilean region, bordered by Magallanes y de la Antartica Chilena on the South, Argentina on the East, Los Lagos on the North, and the Pacific Ocean on the West.

The capital of Aysén is Coyhaique, located in the East-central part of the region. About half of the population of Aysén lives in the capital city, with the rest living in smaller areas around the centre of the region. Aysén is the least populated of Chile's 15 regions.

Aysén was originally home to few native populations consisting of the Kawésqar and the Chono. The Chono went extinct in the 19th century, and the Kawésqar were almost completely wiped out by European settlers by disease or outright attacks. The Europeans were invited over by the Chilean government at the time to reduce the native populations of the area.

Aysén's doesn't have an official flag, but the commonly used flag is just a white flag with the coat of arms of the province.

Officially called "XI Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region", and officially shortened to "Aisén" by the Chilean Government, Aysén is the name preferred by the people who live in the region. It used to be called Coyhaique, but was renamed. The name "Aysén" is thought to come from either the Huilliche word "Achen" meaning "to crumble", or it was a Chonos word meaning "going more to the interior", referring to the Fjord of Aisén. There is a myth that the name came from Robert Fytz-Roy travelling with Charles Darwin who mapped the area and labelled it "Ice End", but that can be proven false, as expeditions made by earlier explorers also referred to the region as Aysén.

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