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Flag of Prince Edward Island



Flag of Prince Edward Island - Wikipedia

Prince Edward Island

Classification: Province

Area (sq km): 5,660

Capital City: Charlottetown

Country: Canada

The smallest of the provinces or territories in Canada, Prince Edward Island is a small island located off the Eastern coast of Canada. The island is joined to its nearest province, New Brunswick, by the Confederation Bridge. It is part of the Maritimes, and one of the four Atlantic Provinces.

The capital of the Prince Edward Island (often shortened to PEI) is Charlottetown, the only city in the province. There are a number of small towns and settlements all throughout the province, as it is very small.

PEI joined Canada in 1873, after running into financial issues when trying to build a provincial railroad.

The flag of Prince Edward Island is modeled after the provincial crest. The lion at the top of the flag is the lion from the coat of arms of Prince Edward. The large tree on the island represents the Oak of England, and the three smaller trees represent the three counties of the province. The island represents the fact that both Britain and Prince Edward Island are islands.

Prince Edward Island was given its name in 1799 to honour Prince Edward, the fourth son of King George III and father of Queen Victoria, and the commander-in-chief of British North America.

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