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Flag of São Paulo



Flag of São Paulo - Wikipedia

São Paulo

Classification: State

Area (sq km): 235,229

Capital City: São Paulo

Country: Brazil

São Paulo is a state located along the Southwestern coast of Brazil. It is bordered by Minas Gerais to the North, Rio de Janeiro to the East, the Atlantic Ocean to the Southeast, Paraná to the South, and Masso Grosso do Sul to the West.

São Paulo is Brazil's most populous state, and its capital is the city of São Paulo, which is also Brazil's most populous city.

The thirteen black and white stripes represent the 13 days and nights that the bandeirantes fought for the state. The red square in the corner represents the blood they lost in these fights. The shape of Brazil is blue, the colour of strength. The other colours of red, white, and black are supposed to represent the three races of Brazilian people: indigenous people, white people, and black people.

The state of São Paulo is named after the city, which itself was named after Saint Paul ('São Paulo' in Portuguese) by the priests that started the first settlement in the region that later grew into the city.

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