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Flag of Córdoba



Flag of Córdoba - Wikipedia


Provincia de Córdoba

Classification: Province

Area (sq km): 165,321

Capital City: Córdoba

Country: Argentina

Córdoba is a province located in North-central Argentina. It is bordered by Santa Fe to the East, Buenos Aires to the Southwest, La Pampa to the South, San Luis and La Rioja to the West, Catamarca to the Northwest, and Santiago del Estero to the North.

The capital of Córdoba is the city of Córdoba, where many of the province's residents live. The rest of the population is spread out around the province.

Córdoba was originally inhabited by two main groups: the Comechingón (known as the Henia in the North and Kamiare in the South), a sedentary people living along the Andes who built stone homes and had farms; and the Sanavirones, a group that also relied on farming, though they lived in larger communal housing rather than individual houses. Both native groups were wiped out starting in the 17th century by the Spanish occupation of the province.

The flag of Córdoba was chosen from a contest held in the province in 2010. The colours of the three vertical bars were chosen to honour those of the original flag of the province, and to be similar to the neighbouring provinces of Entre Ríos and Santa Fe to symbolize the integration in the central region of the country. The red represents the blood shed for the province and federalism, the blue represents national independence and the rivers of the province, and the white represents the people. The sun is the outline of the Incan sun used on the flag of Argentina.

The province of Córdoba was named after the city, which was named by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera, the founder of the city, after the Spanish city of Córdoba. The Spanish city originally got its name from the Phoenician place-name Qart-Juba, for the Numidian King Juba I.

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