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Flag of Chubut



Flag of Chubut - Wikipedia


Provincia del Chubut

Classification: Province

Area (sq km): 224,686

Capital City: Rawson

Country: Argentina

The province of Chubut is located in the Southern half of Argentina. It is bordered by Río Negro to the North, the Atlantic Ocean to the East, Santa Cruz to the South, and Chile to the West. It is one of the provinces that makes up the large region of Argentina known as Patagonia.

The native Tehuelche people lived in the area that is now Chubut for thousands of years, living a nomadic lifestyle. Starting in the 17th century, Spanish explorers started arriving in the area. During the Conquest of the Desert (an Argentinian campaign to eradicate the native people from the Patagonian Desert), the last of the native leaders surrendered.

In 1865, Welsh people started settling along the coast of Chubut, leading to the now two official languages of the province being Spanish and Welsh. The region of Chubut was disputed between Chile and Argentina until 1881, when Chile let Argentina claim the region so it could focus on the War of the Pacific (between Chile, Bolivia, and Peru). Chubut officially became a province in 1955.

The provincial flag of Chubut was officially adopted in 2005. The yellow sun represents strength, vitality, splendor, and the agriculture of the province. Blue represents justice, loyalty, and truth. White represents purity and faith.

Chubut gets its name from Río Chubut, which itself gets its name from the Tehuelche word "Chupat", meaning "shining" or "glinting".

Being part of Patagonia, Chubut is the source of many fossils, especially Sauropods from the Jurassic Period.

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