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Flag of Santa Fe



Flag of Santa Fe - Wikipedia

Santa Fe

Classification: Province

Area (sq km): 132,694

Capital City: Santa Fe

Country: Argentina

Santa Fe is a landlocked Northeastern province in Argentina. It's bordered on the East by Corrientes and Entre Ríos to the East, Buenos Aires to the South, Córdoba and Santiago del Estero to the West, and Chaco to the North.

The capital of Santa Fe is the city of Santa Fe, though about a third of the province's population lives in the city of Rosario. The rest of the population lives around the South-central area of the province, with the North and South not being very populated.

The economy of Santa Fe is based mainly on agriculture, less important but also significant are the areas of exports and manufacturing.

The climate of Santa Fe is relatively mild, making the province the original home to many native peoples. The Spanish settled Argentina in the 16th century, slowly wiping out the natives from that point on.

Santa Fe's flag was adopted in 1822. The text in the circle translates to "Invincible Province of Santa Fe", as a representation of the provinces autonomy. The lance facing upwards and the arrows facing downwards represents the Argentinian Forces' triumph over the native populations of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is named after the city of Santa Fe, its capital. "Santa Fe" is Spanish for the "Holy Faith" or "Holy Ghost".

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