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Flag of Río Negro



Flag of Río Negro - Wikipedia

Río Negro

Provincia de Río Negro

Classification: Province

Area (sq km): 203,013

Capital City: Viedma

Country: Argentina

Río Negro is a province in the South-central part of Argentina. It it bordered by La Pampa on the North, Buenos Aires and the Atlantic Ocean on the East, Chubut on the South, Chile on the West, and Neuquén on the Northwest.

The capital of Río Negro is the city of Viedma, located on the Western point of the province. The people of the province are generally spread out, with the exception of the central area of the province, which relatively unpopulated.

Río Negro was originally home to the Puelche and the Tehuelche people, and was first discovered by Europeans in the 17th century. Over time, the native populations were either wiped out by war or disease, or were assimilated by other native groups.

The flag was chosen in a contest in 2009 from entries from the public.

The name Río Negro comes from the Río Negro River, which runs through the province. It's Spanish for "Black River", which got its name from the Mapudungun "Curú Leuvú", which means the same. The Mapuche gave the river this name because of how dark the water is.

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