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Flag of Chaco



Flag of Chaco - Wikipedia


Provincia del Chaco

Classification: Province

Area (sq km): 99,633

Capital City: Resistencia

Country: Argentina

The Argentinian province of Chaco is located in the Northern part of the country. Chaco is bordered by Formosa to the North, Paraguay and Corrientes on the East. Santa Fe on the South, Santiago del Estero to the Southwest, and Salta to the West.

The capital of Chaco is the city of Resistencia, the largest city in the province. The majority of the people in Chaco live in the Southern half of the province, the North being largely uninhabited.

Chaco was originally home to a number of native groups, and today there are still important tribes of Toba and Wichi people in the province. It was largely uninhabited during Spanish occupation, only having European settlers arrive in the early 19th century.

The blue and white of the flag represent the national colours, as does the sun, and the green is for Mount Chaqueño. The twenty-five stars represent the twenty-five departments of the province, and the plough is a symbol of the farming in the province.

Chaco comes from the Quechua word "chacú", meaning the hunting territory of the Incan empire, or a hunting technique where large numbers of hunters would come into the area in columns and circle their prey.

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