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Rinchen Barsbold

Born (Y-M-D): 1935-12-21

Place of Birth: Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Rinchen Barsbold is one of the most famous Mongolian paleontologists, specialising in how late Cretaceous theropods evolved. He works in the Institute of Paleontology at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences in Ulaanbaatar.

He was born in Ulaanbaatar while Mongolia was under communist rule (and allied with the USSR). He was one of the first paleontologists to discover that theropods evolved into birds, but because of being in the Soviet sphere, and writing most of his papers in Russian, his theories weren't widely adopted outside of Mongolia until the 1990s.

He has discovered or helped describe a number of dinosaurs, and had the hadrosaur Barsboldia sicinskii named in honour of him.

Dinosaurs Discovered by Rinchen Barsbold:

| Halszkaraptor escuilliei |