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Carlos Ciriaco Ameghino

Born (Y-M-D): 1865-06-16

Place of Birth: Luján, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Died (Y-M-D): 1936-04-12

Carlos Ameghino was an Argentinian paleontologist who specialised in collecting and studying specimens from across Argentina.

Carlos was born in the city of Luján, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the brother of the arguably more famous Florentino Ameghino.

Carlos and Florentino travelled together on expeditions along the Luján River and in the province of Chaco. His brother was appointed the Deputy Director and Secretary of the Museum of La Plata, so Carlos became a fulltime travelling naturalist. Carlos would discover specimens, make notes on them, then send them back to his brother at the museum. Because of this, Florentino gained all the fame of making numerous discoveries, while Carlos did all the work.

When his brother died in 1911, Carlos took his position in the Vertebrate Paleontology section of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Buenos Aires, becoming the director of the museum in 1923. This is also when Carlos married Ascencia Merello Armanino, as Florentino forbade Carlos from marriage in life.

Carlos is credited with around 26 discoveries of various fossils and animals, and died in 1936.

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