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Aja M. Carter

Born (Y-M-D): Unknown

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Aja Carter is an American Paleontologist, and a PhD Student at the Univeristy of Pennsylvania. She is also spearheading a new field called paleo-bio-inspired robotics.

Aja was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up there as a child. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in 2014 from Drexel University (in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), and is in the process of earning her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Having worked with a number of other researchers in the field, and on a paper for Dreadnoughtus schrani, Aja has also created the new field of paleo-bio-inspired robotics, which aims to re-create prehistoric creatures' movement via robotics to better understand how they moved, and how that can be applied in today's world.

Dinosaurs Discovered by Aja Carter:

No dinosaurs have been discovered by Aja...