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Picture of Matthew Lamanna - Antarctic Peninsula Paleontology Project

Matthew Carl Lamanna

Born (Y-M-D): 1976-00-00

Place of Birth: Waterloo, New York, United States

Matthew Lamanna is an American paleontologist and the principal dinosaur researcher at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. His research is focused on dinosaurs, birds, and crocodilians from the Cretaceous Period.

Matthew was born in Waterloo, New York, and grew up in the area. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in 1997 from Hobart University (in New York), his Master's in 1999, and his PhD in 2004 (both from the University of Pennsylvania). It was then he started working at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pennsylvania.

He has worked in Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, China, Egypt, and Greenland, and has discovered many different species of dinosaurs and birds.

Dinosaurs Discovered by Matthew Lamanna

| Dreadnoughtus schrani |

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