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Kenneth J. Lacovara

Born (Y-M-D): 1961-03-11

Place of Birth: Pleasantville, New Jersey, United States

Kenneth Lacovara is an American paleontologist working at Rowan University (in Glassboro, New Jersey) as a professor or paleontology and geology. He specialises in studying titanosaurs, the cause of the extinction of dinosaurs, and the climate of the Mesozoic Era. He has also started applying 3D printing to helping with research.

Kenneth was born in Pleasantville, New Jersey, and grew up in the neighbouring city of Linwood. He obtained his Bachelor's in physical geography from Rowan University in 1984, his Master's in coastal geomorphology in 1986 from the University of Maryland, and his PhD in Geology at the University of Delaware in 1998.

Having worked in the United States, Argentina, China, and Egypt, Kenneth has discovered a number of new species, including Dreadnoughtus schrani, considered the largest dinosaur ever. Kenneth also is a co-founder and director of the Edelman Fossil Park at Rowan University, a rich dig site and learning centre.

Dinosaurs Discovered by Kenneth Lacovara:

| Dreadnoughtus schrani |