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Michael Joseph Ryan

Born (Y-M-D): Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Michael Ryan is a Canadian-American paleontologist, specialising in the study of the evolution and paleobiology of ceratopsians.

Michael got his Bachelor's of Science at Carleton University in Ontario, and his Master's and PhD at the University of Calgary in Alberta. Currently, he is both the Curator and Head of the Department of Vertebrate Paleontology for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio, and an Adjunct Research Professor for Carleton University in Ontario. Michael is also an Adjunct Researcher for the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Royal Ontario Museum, both in Ontario, and has been the Chief Paleontologist at the Phaeton Group since 2000.

From 1994 to 2002 he worked at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, and in 2004 started the Southern Alberta Dinosaur Project (SADP), which aims to study late Cretaceous fossils from less well-known sites in Southern Alberta.

Michael has traveled through Canada, Greenland, Mongolia, and the United States studying fossils. He has also traveled to Japan to oversee the setups of a number of museum displays.

Michael has discovered or helped describe at least three dinosaurs, including Albertaceratops nesmoi.

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