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Calgary Herald


Picture of Darla Zelenitsky - Calgary Herald

Darla Karen Zelenitsky

Born (Y-M-D): 1968-00-00

Place of Birth: Unknown

Darla Zelenitsky is a Canadian paleontologist specialising in dinosaur reproductive biology and dinosaur egg fossils.

She received bachelor's degree in Geoscience from the University of Manitoba, and her Master's and PhD from the University of Calgary in Alberta in 2004, both in Canada. She is a professor in the Geoscience Department at the University of Calgary, and is the university's principal dinosaur researcher.

She is known for her extensive work with identifying dinosaur egg fossils, and has been called on in the past to identify the origin of stolen egg fossils to return them to their home nations.

She is also part of the team of researchers that discovered the first evidence of feathered dinosaurs in North America.

Dinosaurs Discovered by Darla Zelenitsky

| Beibeilong sinensis |

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