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Rodolfo Aníbal Coria

Born (Y-M-D): 1959-06-01

Place of Birth: Neuquén, Neuquén, Argentina

Rodolfo Coria is an Argentinian paleontologist, specialising in theropods from the Neuquén province in Argentina.

He was born in the Argentinian city of Neuquén, and got into paleontology while working for José Bonaparte at the Natural History Museum in Buenos Aires.

He is one of the most famous paleontologists in Argentina, and used to be the director of the Museo Carmen Funes in Plaza Huincul, which houses the only specimen of Argentinosaurus. He was also instrumental in the Argentinian-Canadian Dinosaur Project in the early 2000s.

Rodolfo Coria has been involved in the description of fifteen dinosaurs, most famously the largest theropod Giganotosaurus, and the largest dinosaur Argentinosaurus.

Dinosaurs Discovered by Rodolfo Coria

| Argentinosaurus huinculensis | Murusraptor barrosaensis | Quilmesaurus curriei |

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