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Canadian Museum of Nature


Picture of Jordan Mallon - Canadian Museum of Nature

Jordan C. Mallon

Born (Y-M-D): Unknown

Place of Birth: Orleans, Ontario, Canada

Jordan C. Mallon is a Canadian paleontologist, specialising in dinosaur ecology, especially on diversity nearing the end of the Cretaceous. He is also very interested in horned dinosaurs, the ceratopsians, and how they were able to thrive during the Cretaceous.

Jordan was born in Orleans, Ontario, and lives there today as well. He obtained his Bachelors of Science from Carleton University in Ottawa in 2005, and finished his PhD at the University of Calgary in 2012, both in Canada. He currently works at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Jordan Mallon has helped describe at least two dinosaurs, and illustrates dinosaurs he describes, and reviews, within other papers.

Dinosaurs Discovered by Jordan Mallon

| Spiclypeus shipporum |

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