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Martín D. Ezcurra

Born (Y-M-D): 1987-04-23

Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Martín D. Ezcurra is an Argentinian paleontologist, and currently works at the Natural History Museum in Buenos Aires.

He was born in the city of Buenos Aires. He first got into paleontology in 2002 while working with Fernando Novas in Argentina. He went to university in Buenos Aires, Munich, and Birmingham. In 2014, he won the Michael K O’Rourke Prize for best PhD publication at the University of Birmingham. In 2015, he won the National Geographic Young Explorer Grant for fieldwork in the Early Triassic of India.

He was part of the team that described Chilesaurus diegosuarezi in 2015.

Dinosaurs Discovered by Martín Ezcurra

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