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Image of Nanosaur

Pangea Software, Inc.

Image of Nanosaur

Nanosaur - Pangea Software, Inc.


AKA: No other names known

Category: Video Game

Author: Pangea Software, Inc.

It is the year 4122 and a species of dinosaurs known as the Nanosaurs rule the earth. Genetic experiments by the humans brought the Nanosaurs back from extinction and gave them intelligence, but a plague wiped out the humans so the Nanosaurs built a society of their own. In an attempt to further strengthen the dinosaur society, you are being sent back in time to retrieve dinosaur eggs of five species before the giant asteroid wipes them out.

This is a third-person video game where the player controls a nanosaur equipped with a jetpack and a weapon, whose goal is to collect eggs before a twenty-minute timer runs out.

Aside from the titular nanosaur, there are four other dinosaurs in the game (plus a pteranodon).

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