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Image of Dungeons & Dragons


Image of Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons - Wikipedia

Dungeons & Dragons


Category: Board Game

Author: Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson

Year: 1974

Country: United States

Link: https://dnd.wizards.com/

Dungeons & Dragons immerses you in a world of adventure. Explore ancient ruins and deadly dungeons. Battle monsters while searching for legendary treasures. Gain experience and power as you trek across uncharted lands with your companions.

The world needs heroes. Will you answer the call?

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy table-top role-playing game. The game is played in a group setting, almost all within the imagination of the people playing. The players follow the instructions of a Dungeon Master (DM) who explains and runs the story that the players are playing (the campaign), which pulls from officially published literature for the lore of the game.

A large part of the game revolves around fighting monsters, which come from the official Monster Manual. The Monster Manual for Dungeons & Dragons has entries for 35 dinosaurs that can be encountered in the game.

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