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Image of Walking With Dinosaurs

Scan of the VHS

Image of Walking With Dinosaurs

Walking With Dinosaurs - Scan of the VHS

Walking With Dinosaurs

AKA: No other names known

Category: Documentary

Author: BBC

Take the ultimate journey back in time to the reign of the dinosaurs! State-of-the-art digital effects and animatronics by the Emmy Award-winning FrameStore Group [...] combine to form living, breathing images that put you in the scene of a virtual lost world. Using the latest scientific findings, Walking With Dinosaurs examines the 155-million-year history of these great creatures, from the aggressive Coelophysis, who first learned to hunt in packs, to Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most terrifying carnivore on the planet. Feel the ground tremble as dueling Triceratops lock horns, and soar with Ornithocheirus, who could travel over 300 miles on a single wing flap. Narrated by Kenneth Branagh [...]

This lengthy (at its release, three VHS tapes long) documentary covers a wide range of geographic regions and timelines throughout the Mesozoic Era. It does, therefore, include a wide range of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and sea-dwelling reptiles from throughout the Mesozoic.

It does also feature interviews and commentary from a number of paleontologists.

Paleontologists Involved With Walking With Dinosaurs:

| Holtz, Jr., T. |

Dinosaurs in Walking With Dinosaurs:

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