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Image of Dreadnoughtus schrani



Dreadnoughtus schrani - Wikipedia

Dreadnoughtus schrani

(dred-NOT-us SHRAWN-e)

Schran's Dreadnought

Length (m): 26.00 to 26.00

Weight (kg): 40000.00 to 65000.00

Diet: Herbivore (Plants)

Family: Titanosauria

MYA: 84.0 to 66.0

Epoch: Late Cretaceous

Age: Campanian - Maastrichtian

Year Described: 2014

Year Discovered: 2005

Discovery Location: Río La Leona, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Other locations where specimens have been found:

Only one specimen has been found.

Dreadnoughtus shrani is a sauropod from the Titansauria family. In contention for largest dinosaur (with Argentinosaurus and Patagotitan), it is quadrupedal with four thick legs, has a relatively small head, long neck, large body, and a long tail.

Dreadnoughtus lived in the Late Cretaceous plains of what is now Southern Santa Cruz province in Argentina. Its true size is hard to determine, since other titanosaurs it could be compared against have relatively incomplete specimens. It is thought that the specimen discovered was still growing when it dies.

The holotype is relatively complete for such a large dinosaur, missing a skull, but containing most of the rest of the skeleton. Kenneth Lacovera and Chris Coughenour first discovered the femur while on an expedition in 2005 to the La Leona area in Santa Cruz province. At the same site, a paratype was discovered that is far less complete (and also without a skull).

The name Dreadnoughtus shrani comes from the size of the creature. Dreadnought, being an Old English word for 'fears nothing', was given to this dinosaur because of its size. Schrani comes from the name of Adam Schran, an American entrepreneur who supported the research of this specimen.

Paleontologists Who Described Dreadnoughtus schrani:

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