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Ukhaa Tolgod

Population: 0

Region: Ömnögovi

Country: Mongolia

Geologic Formation: Djadochta Formation

Ukhaa Tolgod is located in the West of the Mongolian province of Ömnögov, in South-central Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park. It is one of the five major fossil localities of the Djadochta Formation, which is known for being a very fossil abundant region of the world.

After being discovered in 1993 by a Mongolian/North American expedition, Ukhaa Tolgod has proven to be a very rich source of fossils. What makes this site even more special is that it produces an unusually large number nearly complete specimens.

"Ukhaa Tolgod" is Latinised Mongolian for "Brown Hills", so named for the brown hills of the area.

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