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La Flecha Ranch

Estancia La Flecha

Population: 0

Region: Chubut

Country: Argentina

Geologic Formation: Cerro Barcino Formation

La Flecha Ranch is a 13000 hectare Ranch owned by the Mayo family in North-central Chubut, Argentina. The actual fossil site is a quarry located in the ranch lands.

The precise location has been narrowed down to one of two ranches along Ruta Provincial 27, in between Ruta Provincial 25 and Ruta Provincial 53. These two ranches are approximately 35km apart, so this locality has been estimated to be in between the two.

This quarry has been the source of six Patagotitan specimens, as well as fossilized wood from a fruiting tree, both from the Early Cretaceous.

"La Flecha" translates to "the arrow". Not much can be found on the reason for this name, but it was likely a personal choice by the owners of the ranch.

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