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Sustut-Birdflat Convergence

Convergence of the Sustut River and Birdflat Creek

Population: 0

Region: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Geologic Formation: Tango Creek Formation

The Sustut-Birdflat Convergence is the name DinoData has given to this locality. It is a fossil site located within the Sustut Basin in Northwestern British Columbia (Canada), where the Sustut River and Birdflat Creek meet.

This locality was mapped in 1971 by Kenny Flyborg Larsen, a geologist who was looking for radioactive materials (uranium or thorium) along where the rail line was being built at the time.

At least two fossil specimens have been found at this locality: the dinosaur Ferrisaurus sustutensis in 1971, and a Cretaceous turtle in 2017. There has also been some fossilized plants found within the area.

The locality was named this because it is located near where the Sustut River and Birdflat Creek converge.

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