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San Isidro

Population: 45,000

Region: Buenos Aires Province

Country: Argentina

San Isidro is an Argentinian city / suburb located in Northern Greater Buenos Aires, in the province of Buenos Aires. It is located about 28km North up the coast from the city of Buenos Aires.

The area of San Isidro was first discovered by Spanish conquistadors in 1580, when Juan de Garay (the second founder of Buenos Aires) ordered his men to find more land to explore. The actual founding of San Isidro was in 1706, when a Spanish Captain, Domingo de Acassuso, was permitted to transform his private chapel into a public one. The village of San Isidro began populating in 1790.

San Isidro was named after San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of Madrid. When Domingo de Acassuso transformed his private chapel into a public one, he named it after the saint, who he devoted himself to.

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