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Grand Forks

Population: 53,000

Region: North Dakota

Country: United States

Grand Forks is a city located in Eastern North Dakota along the border with Minnesota. It is the third largest city in the state.

Due to being located at the fork of two large rivers in the area, the region of Grand Forks was an important meeting place for thousands of years for the native peoples of the region. French fur traders set up trading posts in the area that became larger areas for people to gather and settle around. The American government purchased the land as part of the Louisiana Purchase, and ended up forcing out any native people from the area. A US post office was set up in Grand Forks in 1870, and the first people settled the region after the following Winter when a steam boat froze in the river and the passengers needed to settle down for the remaining season. The city was incorporated in 1881.

Grand Forks gets its name from the French name of the settlement, 'Les Grandes Fourches'. It was named this due to the forks of the Red River and the Red Lake River, two large rivers in the surrounding area.

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