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Marsh-Felch Quarry

Population: 0

Region: Colorado

Country: United States

Geologic Formation: Morisson

The Marsh-Felch Quarry, which also contains Felch Quarry 1 and Felch Quarry 2, is a dig site in the area known as Garden Park, North of the town of CaƱon City, Colorado.

The area the quarry is located in is referred to as the Garden Park Fossil Area, which was first discovered to be a rich fossil site by local farmers in the late 1800s. Around 1877, Edward Cope and Othniel Marsh both were made aware of the fossil discoveries in the area, which led them to start their own quarries within Garden Park. At least 60 specimens have been found in this area, making it a vital part of Cope and Marsh's "Bone Wars" to find the most fossils.

The Marsh-Felch Quarry is so named after M.P. Felch and Othniel Marsh. Felch was the land owner of the area, who discovered fossils and sent letters to Marsh to inform him of the finds.

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