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Population: 0

Region: Xinjiang

Country: China

Geologic Formation: Shishugou Formation

Wucaiwan Town is a village/area in the North of Changji Hui prefecture of the Xinjiang prefecture in China.

Not too much can be found out about the town, though it does seem to have a hotel and some hotsprings. A number of dinosaurs have been found around the town over the years in what are known as "Death Traps", basically mud pits that smaller dinosaurs would get stuck in and die, attracting more dinosaurs, repeating the process.

The area around Wucaiwan was used to film the desert sequences of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Wucaiwan can be translated to "Five colour bend", as the rocks around the area are banded with coloured layers of sediment. Bend is possibly for the shape of the area, due to an old river or something similar.

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