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Salitral Ojo de Agua

Population: 0

Region: Río Negro

Country: Argentina

Geologic Formation: Allen Formation

Salitral Ojo de Agua is a fossil site in Argentina, located about 40km South of Roca City (General Roca) in the province of Río Negro.

Salitral Ojo de Agua is a body of water near a saltpeter extraction site. It is not a population centre, so there is no economy, nor population to speak of.

"Salitral" translates to "where saltpeter is found". "Ojo de Aqua" translates to "eye of water". The name can therefor translate to "the eye of water where saltpeter is found". Looking at a map of the area, the body of water kind of looks like an animal eye, hence the name.

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