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This attempts to be a central source that can be used to learn information about dinosaurs, the paleontologists that discovered them, the locations that they were found in, the media that features them, and other accompanying information.

This is very much a (slow) work in progress.

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Regaliceratops peterhewsi

Regaliceratops peterhewsi was discovered in 2005 by Canadian geologist Peter Hews. It was described in 2015 by two paleontologists from the Royal Tyrrell Museum; Caleb M. Brown and Donald M. Henderson.

In 2005, Peter Hews was on a fishing trip along the Oldman River in Southwestern Alberta, about 25km North of the towns of Lundbreck and Crowley. He found the skull sticking out of the rock, about a metre above the surface of the water. The skull was of interest, as it was preserved in i...

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