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Welcome to Dino Data!

This attempts to be a central source that can be used to learn information about dinosaurs, the paleontologists that discovered them, the locations that they were found in, the media that features them, and other accompanying information.

This is very much a (slow) work in progress.

DinoData contains information for:

19 dinosaurs

109 paleontologists

10 pieces of media

DinoData has tried using language similar to what is used in scientific papers, but that ended up being really obtuse to read, and not super enjoyable. Because of that, we've tried to make DinoData's language more accessible.

There are some paleontology terms that are so useful though, that they actually simplify things in some ways. These words (and their definitions) can be found in the glossary.

Another useful bit of information would be the geological timelines that dinosaurs lived in. A full chart of the Mesozoic Era (the timeframe that dinosaurs lived in) can be found here.

The dinosaur for today is:

Murusraptor barrosaensis

Murusraptor barrosaensis is an Argentinian megaraptor from the Late Cretaceous. Only one specimen was discovered, but even at 6.5m in length, it is believed to be have an adolescent.

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The paleontologist for today is:

Yoshitsugu Kobayashi

Kobayashi Yoshitsugu is a Japanese paleontologist, specialising in ornithomimosaurs and therizinosaurs from Mongolia and China, and comparing dinosaurs between North America and Asia. He is an associate professor at Hokkaido University in Japan.

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