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This attempts to be a central source that can be used to learn information about dinosaurs, the paleontologists that discovered them, the locations that they were found in, the media that features them, and other accompanying information.

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Qiupalong henanensis

Qiupalong henanensis was discovered in 2006, and was described in 2011 by a team of nine researchers: Li Xu, Yoshitsugu Kobayashi, Junchang Lü, Yuong-Nam Lee, Yongqing Liu, Kohei Tanaka, Xingliao Zhang, Songhai Jia, and Jiming Zhanga.

The holotype was discovered in the Qiupa Formation of an area known as the Tantou Basin in the Chinese province of Henan. Three paratypes have been described since then by Canadian paleontologists while researching a separate species (Rativates evaden...

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