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Puerto Deseado

Population: 15,000

Region: Santa Cruz

Country: Argentina

Puerto Deseado is a city located along the Northeastern coast of the Argentinian province of Santa Cruz.

The economy of Puerto Deseado is mainly based on the fishing indutry, along with tourism.

While the region was home to native popultions, the area was first discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1520. The land that would become Puerto Deseado was discovered was done so in 1588 by Englishman Thomas Cavendish. A number of settlements were set up in Puerto Deseado from that point on, but were abandonded due to low profitability of whaling, or attacks by other European powers. Charles Darwin did a number of hydrographic surveys starting in 1832, which led to the settlement of the area in 1833.

Puerto Deseado was originally named by Thomas Cavendish after his ship, the 'Desire'. Over time, and after Spanish settlement, the town was known by the Spanish translation of that name.

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