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Waldron Flats

Population: 0

Region: Alberta

Country: Canada

Geologic Formation: St. Mary River Formation

Waldron Flats is an area of Southwestern Alberta, along the bow of the Oldman River, about 25km North of the towns of Lundbreck and Crowley along Highway 22.

Along the Oldman River, the bluffs of Waldron Flats contain the St. Mary River and Willow Creek formations, interspersed with one another due to geologic upthrusts. One dinosaur has been discovered so far in the area known as the Waldron Flats, Regaliceratops peterhewsi.

Walrond Flats gets its name from the Waldron Cattle Ranch, started by John Walrond Walrond in 1885 that covered over 100,000 acres. The benchlands (flat areas of land with steep slopes above and/or below it) below were referred to as the Waldron Flats, a typo.

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