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This attempts to be a central source that can be used to learn information about dinosaurs, the paleontologists that discovered them, the locations that they were found in, the media that features them, and other accompanying information.

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The dinosaur for Thursday, 18 April 2019 (GMT-5) is:

Ekrixinatosaurus novasi

Ekrixinatosaurus novasi was discovered in 2004 by the Gasoducto del Pacífico Company when they were constructing a section of pipeline. Ekrixinatosaurus was described by Karen Moreno, Jorge Calvos, and David Rubilar-Rogers in 2004.

The holotype was discovered in the Easten part of the province of Neuquén in Argentina, along the Baja del Añelo formation that runs through the province. Only one specimen has been found.

Ekrixinatosaurus is a theropod from the abelisaur...

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